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Tuckered software is currently creating software for the structural steel industry. We plan to take the industry by surprise and be available when Windows 8+ becomes popular. Our plan is to keep our team small and use the cloud to help keep costs low. Our software is extremely easy to use and tested on those who have very little computer skills. We see a perfect fit for the steel industry where money is tight and our competition is very expensive. Some of our software products coming soon to market are:

Cards.Time - Time Clock software

Cards.Bid - Steel Estimation software

Cards.Job - Construction Job & Contact Management

Cards.Material - Purchasing & Inventory Control

Cards.Weld - Welding Procedure Creation.

All our software will have data hosted in the cloud for easy installs and low cost of use.

Also our software will be primarily based on the new Windows Store. So the software can be used at the desk or on the go with a tablet and possible a phone (if the demand arises).